The First Entry

Hello All! (Well, all of you that may or may not yet be reading! Ha!)

Welcome to my blog!  I will use this place as a forum to keep you all posted and give updates regarding the goings on with my books, as well as share other creations and things that in general just delight me.  I may use this blog also as a point to think through things or share various musings I have, post vegan recipes, or discuss things I’m currently using and way in love with.

Hopefully I will be able to keep this up.  I’ve, in the past, started several blogs, usually as a way to just vent my mental ramblings, and ultimately end up terminating them.  I’m hoping that, if all goes well, I can use this site as a way to interact with my books readers and share all sorts of things that inspire and enthuse.  …Hey you just never know what will take off, right?  *fingers crossed*  So here goes nuthin’!

On today’s agenda:  finish up The Warkak & Snozzle!  I am so lucky to have such a talented fiance!  He is a product designer and is a photoshop wizard, so naturally he has taken dominion over the page layouts, and I’m happy to share that we have the layouts almost done!  I just need to pen a dedication page and decide what I want on the back cover.  Once we are all done with this, well, I just not sure what the next step is, really.  Submit back to my publisher?  ….I’ll worry about that one later! 😉

In other news, my publisher (shout out to LevityPress!) is going to publish my second book!  I can’t divulge any details just yet, but I’m excited!  I’ll be working with Marina Kecman, who also illustrated The Warkak and Snozzle.  She’s brilliant!  I know she will bring this new character to life.

I’m so grateful to have a place where I can create almost anything.  Stay tuned to see what starts to materialize!  For right now, I’m hoping to post almost every day.  We will see if I’m able to keep that pace up.  Right now, I already have a full time job (well, two actually, if you count cleaning up after said fiance and puppy!) working at our product design consultancy.  Okay, I should probably get back to business development and stuff.  Yes, I was going to send out an invoice (yay money!) before I got distracted by this…fun….stuff….writing….love….it…..


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