Well, dad-gum, I thought I was done for

Well, dad-gum, I thought I was done for the day.  Guess not!  So, this has absolutely nothing to do with my books, baking, fun, yadda-yadda.  Basically, I’m playing the waiting game.  You see, the consultancy, which is my full time job (though, now it’s going to look like I spend most of my time blogging, whatever) is starting to become, how should I put this, stressful!  I’ve written more dang proposals in the last month than I can keep track of!  Yet, only one, so far, has come through.  Common guys!  People of the world!  Accept the bids, yo!  They are good, and the work you will get is good, no great!  Exemplary!  So what is the hold up?  Universe, care to weigh in on this?  At the very least, can I get a “yes” or a “no”?  Or something?  Anything!  An email back would suffice–something that said, “Got the proposal, thanks.  Still mulling it over.  Will have answer in next few days.”  But all this pressure to get something out that is accurate, fair, blah-blah-blah, meets all needs, reverbs what the client said, adds something special to get them thinking…etc. etc. etc…and then to get no acknowledgement back, well, that just blows!

…end rant.  I was hoping that “getting it out there” would free up some mental space since I’ve just been spinning on this for the past few days.  My discontent for doing sales has been growing.  It. is. so. much. work.  With almost nothing to show for it.  I’m always so elated to draft up a proposal.  To me, it means money is on the way!  Yay for that!  And it means that my fiancee will get to work on some cool projects which feeds his soul and makes him happy.  Not to say we aren’t working on anything, quite the contrary actually.  I’d just like to hear back.  Ya know, and it isn’t even a Monday.  Usually these sorts of frustrations are best served on a cold, hard, Monday morning.  😉

Today was even a “light” day for me.  On Wednesdays I typically go to Santa Barbara (I live in Ventura, about 30 miles south) and meet my dad for lunch.  We started this tradition many years ago and it just stuck!  Even when I lived further south from him (almost a full hour) I’d still make the trek to SB to see him and have lunch.  Seeing him is one of the bright spots in my week.  Father’s day is rapidly approaching and I’m not sure what I’ll get him.  He loves to surf and sail among many other things, and is a consummate jokester.  If anyone has any suggestions (no, he doesn’t wear ties or need socks) I’d love to hear ’em.  That is, if anyone is reading this! lol

I’m making a point to be more productive.  Do you know about the three motivating factors?  Boy, I sure do.  I hear about them all the time growing up!  So here’s the long and short of it.  A person can be motivated by three things: power, affiliation, and accomplishment.  Most people are a mix but seem to have a greater concentration in a particular area.  I’m pretty sure I’m mostly accomplishment oriented, like my dad, but do like to know the right people, if ya catch my drift. 😉  I have almost no desire to have power over anyone.  I’d much rather they know what they know, and really be as great as they possibly can.  In my mind, to make anyone great than you is almost criminal.  Eh, we can discuss that one later.  Anyway, what is your break-down?  Are you more power-driven or affiliation oriented?

Back to being more productive!  Yes, so I’ve started making lists of all that I have to get done in a day.  Now, I’ve heard conflicting things about this.  Should you A. tackle the easiest things first to feel better or B. identify the bigger things and start on those first, saving the easy things for later? I like to do a mixed approach, but that’s just me.  I thought I’d given up this list making habit only to pick it up again as a way to make sure I tend to everything I need to in a day.

What is your policy on lists?  Friend or foe?


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