Lookin’ for a Come-Up

Hello again!

Well, sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but surprise!  I don’t have layouts done yet.  However, I have a very good excuse.  We had meetings aaaaaall daaaaaaay yesterday in San Diego, or as we call it “a whale’s vagina” (Anchorman reference, anyone? anyone?).  The meetings went great–huzzah!  And remember my last little rant, about “common people, proposals, give us a sign, blah blah…”?  Well, another huzzah for a project coming through!  So the design consultancy is beginning to thrive which is wonderful.  I’m very, very pleased.  It never ceases to amaze me how owning your own business affects one’s SLEEP!  Gah!

So, today is a catch-up day.  My body is pretty tired/sore from sitting in a car for 7+ hours (traffic, boo, no huzzah).  We did take the pup for a nice jaunt around the neighborhood when we got home, and that was nice.  I must say, I have begun to utterly dread eating out!  Being vegan makes it so hard to make any sort of healthy choice when at a restaurant.  Yesterday, we had a bit of a time pinch, and not knowing the area, ended up at Chili’s.  Certainly not the pinacal of health, you’d *think* that’d you could find something, right?  Well pilgrims, even their veggie burger has milk and eggs.  So. Sad.  Nick was stunned.  So we ended up with salads, no dressing, no bread, and shocker, were hungry again in like 2 hours.  We stopped in Encino to get gas and realized we were right by one of our favorite vegan joints–The Veggie Grill–again, not healthy, but all food is vegan and delicious, so we bellied up and snarfed on some good ol’ vegan goodness!  Since going vegan, I’ve feel I’ve slipped on making sure I get proper nutrition, as evidenced by a sensation of never really feeling full or satisfied.  Plus by cravings were through the roof!  So I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat more veggies, grains, rice, beans, fruit, and less of that processed yet still vegan and very tasty food.  This reforcusing has actually been great–I’ve become re-energized in the kitchen and am playing around with different flavor combos, like using butternut squash, and pairing it with onions, garlic, cinnamon, and simmering with tomatoes.  Over rice or couscous it was fab.  Oh, I topped it was some hummus, which put it over the edge on the tasty scale.  So dinner last night wasn’t healthy, but it was tasty, and left me feeling not fully satisfied, so when we got home I made myself a large bowl of fresh fruit and went to bed early.  Amazing how doing almost nothing all day except drive can be exhausting!

Today my to-do list includes:

write a proposal (from the meeting yesterday–I’m dreading this.  I’m not sure if we actually want to work with this company….)

Meeting at 2:00 – Design review

Meeting at 4:00 – Kick-off meeting (different company)

Clean the bathrooms (done)

Wash the sheets (done, but have to be put back on the bed; always the hardest part of this process I find)

Laundry (in process.  We will see how far I get on this.)

Go for a run (did 3.25 miles, yay, and ran most of it, even better! I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to get sweaty and dirty for anything less than 3 miles. lol)

Wash dog (done.  He is shedding fur by the fistful; I’m now a bit worried about the drain getting clogged with frequency as it’s already happened once before!)

Meet a friend for drinks/dinner

Walk dog

There you have it.  My day in a nutshell.  I had a great morning but have been battling a bit of a headache all day.  I bet being cooped up in the car yesterday didn’t help.  I supposed I should get crackin’ on that proposal… I’m looking forward to having a day off tomorrow.  Fingers crossed we get one!  When you own your own business you typically *try* to take a day off but end up working anyway, either you talk about work, do work, find work, etc. A friend asked me a little while ago how we kept work and play separate.  I guess we don’t really have a problem with this, though usually work stuff does trickle over into other non-work related activities.  Funny how even my blog has been taken over by work! lol  What about you?  Any tricks or tips you might want to share about how to keep work and play separate?

On another side note, I’ve been doing some thinking about what sort of targets I’d like to have for the rest of the year. So far, here’s the list!

1.  Travel a bit – doesn’t have to be fancy.  I’d like to go to Mammoth and Monterey for a few days.  Nick wants to go to Palm Springs and, I’m sure, head up to Portland to see his family at some point this year.

2.  Go on more day adventures.  This weekend we are going up to the La Purisma Mission in Lompoc.  The last time I went I was in grade school and it just sounds like a fun thing to do!

3.  Experiment with different flours and sugars to create yummy, healthier, vegan treats.  Obviously I’ll share my findings, here! 😉

4.  Get back into running.  I used to love it, then did too much crazy with it–ran for the calorie burn and not fun, and I pushed it too hard and got bored with it all at the same time.  5.  In general add more movement and fitness based activities in to my daily list of to-do.  Nick wants to paddle board, I want to do more yoga, and I do enjoy walking the dog, especially on the beach!

6.  Last but not least, publish!  I’ll be interested in promoting my book to the hilt, too.  I’m not quite sure what this will mean from a pr and marketing perspective as I’ll need to do some research here.  Good news is that I have Nick, and he will help.  🙂  That smart honey of mine! I’m sure he’ll have some good ideas!

7.  Okay, last one–create more artwork.  Not sure what I want to do, but I’m feeling like I should be taking more photos.  Plus, I have what I think is a funny/interesting idea for some artwork, which, when time permits, I will have to play with!  It might be something that ends up on etsy, if I’m happy with the final result.  I’m sure, like the true egomaniac/narcissist I be, I’ll post all about here. lol  Extra! extra!  Read all about it!  Check out this weird art thing I made! 😉

7.  Okay, okay, this IS the last one!  I’d like to make an effort to do more to keep me inspired and happy.  I think it is clear, after reading these last posts, that I’m only semi-satisfied by my jobby-job.  I love working with Nick, but I’d like to make sure that I’m able to create something special, just for me, too!  I’m sure it is all possible.  🙂  On that note, I’ll bit you all a’do!


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