Weekend, Book Update, General Stuff, Yay!

Let me start by discussing my weekend.  I had a rather nice one, thanks for asking! 😉  On Saturday I started the day off right with a nice long run.  Afterward, I got all cleaned up and my fiancee and I drove up the coast to Lompoc to visit the La Purisma Mission.  It was a nice little road trip though the weather was the dreaded “June Gloom”, which got especially thick and soupy as we progressed through the mountains toward Lompoc.  Once there, however, we were inland enough and the weather was nice, sunny, and warm.  We of course brought Ruxin, our aussie pup, and he was very excited by the whole adventure.  It didn’t hurt that there were sheep there of course!  I’m not sure what I was expecting, maybe more of an adventure? But this wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.  We did have a nice time, however, and took lots of photos, which I might post here later.

On our way back home we stopped at Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara and took the pup for a nice, long stroll in the sand.  It wasn’t sunny, but that meant there were less people out and we mostly had the beach to ourselves!  After the walk, we headed up to my dad’s house and visited with him and his fiancee for a bit, then headed out for dinner.  My one non-vegan splurge is sushi, and we did it up right!  We hit the best little sushi join in SB, Shintori.  We didn’t get great service (I think our server forgot to put in our order??) but the food was great and we had lots of laughs while we waited for what felt like an ungodly long time!

Sunday was nice, too and started much the same way as Saturday, with a long run!  My Mom and Step-Dad came to our house and we went out for lunch in downtown Ventura.  I was lucky enough to find a place that served breakfast, lunch, and had some vegan options, so I was very stoked!  Plus my run had left me feeling absolutely starving!  After lunch we came back here and hung out, the pup harassed them ad infinitum as we got to hear all about their most recent trip to Belgium.  They also brought us some treats!  Yay, treats!  The haul?  Two very cute Christmas ornaments, a tin of beautiful & yummy (vegan!) marzipan, and two fun magazines from their lay-over in London.  I’ll be looking through those, later!  My mom has a point–I do love looking at adverts and reading the articles to see the differences between what we get here in the states.  Ah, the critical mind.  🙂

I made a healthy dinner last night, nothing special, and we went to bed early.  Exciting, yes I know!

Today I’m slam-jam-packed with work.  I need to send out two Mock-Proposals so that the client can see our process, and I need to send out a regular proposal/retainer agreement.  I also need to do some more Business Development, or Biz Dev as I call it.  I also need to write the Birthday Trees!  What are Birthday Trees you might ask?  http://www.intl-english-corner.com/home/page/weekly-tree-advice

Click the link and find out!  Basically it is like a weekly horoscope I write.  I have no idea where these ideas and thoughts come from but I’ve gotten confirmation that I’m usually spot on.  Go figure.  While I write this column to help Chinese students learn English, my publisher is tempted to turn some of the advice into a book.  I wonder how that will show up? 🙂

Also, on a side note, I did make some pretty tasty scones that are vegan and gluten free.  I used one half coconut flour and one half spelt flour.  I also tried the coconut sugar in this recipe.  Let’s just say the result was good, not great, and I’m not super called to eat the leftovers, which isn’t altogether a bad thing!  They didn’t really turn out like regular scones–light, crisp on the outside, chewy and soft on the inside–moreover they turned out a bit crumbly.  I had to modify my basic recipe quite a bit to get the dough to combine by adding about a half cup of almond milk!  I’m not sure what I’ll do different next time, though I’m tempted to increase the coconut yogurt and decrease the flour to liquid ratio.  Not sure if this will help.  I’ll keep you all posted (since I know scones are riveting! lol) and once I get a result I’m happy with I’ll be sure to share and include photos.

Tonight we need to finish the layouts.  I’ve just been too busy!  Nick has been, too, and I feel bad asking him to work longer hours when he’s already put in a 10+ hour day.  I’d really like to launch this blog and go public with it, but until I actually have something official to post, I’m afraid I’m just cooking up stuff to talk about!  Anyway, I need to get those proposals out.  I’m sure I’ll be back later…. 😉


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