Hello again!Well, I’ve been doing some thinking. And

Hello again!

Well, I’ve been doing some thinking.  And I’m just not sure what this blog is about!  I’m constantly dissuading myself from posting based solely on the judgement of “who really cares what I have to say, anyway?  Is this all that interesting?  How will I ever get readers?  Like, what’s my angle?  Why would people care about me?  I’m not that interesting, really….”

I feel better having just written these down.  It makes them feel less “spin-y” and more like something I can address and overcome.  However, I also think I might have a good point here–I do need to make sure that whatever my brain decides is a good idea to write about actually IS interesting and entertaining! lol

In other news, the pup is going in to get “fixed” tomorrow.  Not sure how I feel about this.  I’m conflicted, I guess.  Not like he’s cut out for a life of being a stud dog.  He’s totally imperfect, which is one of the things I find cutest about him.  More, I’m just concerned about causing him pain and yes, I know it is responsible, and yes, he will probably be a happier dog once he isn’t fixated on roaming/sniffing/marking, yet, the idea of what is going to happen tomorrow for sure give me the willies!  😛  Poor guy.  I’ve joking told the pup this morning, “Hey Dude, enjoy those balls, it’s your last official day with ’em!”  Pretty sure he didn’t understand me, and in this case I’m glad he doesn’t!  Yet, for a 9 month old pup, he certainly knows a lot of commands and is a pretty smart little guy!  Tomorrow at this time I’m sure I’ll be on pins and needles waiting out the last few hours before I can go and pick him up post nut removal.

In other news, I booked Nick’s plane ticket to Portland for the day–his dad is retiring.  It will make for one rather long and somewhat hellish day for him, but I’m sure he will be much happier for it in the end.  He loves his Pops and wants to be there to celebrate this milestone.  I, however, will be staying here and working!  I secretly have plans to spend some time developing my next book!  I’ll have to let you all know how things progress.  The old adage is true:  “What the cat is away, the mice shall play!”  So the pup and I will have a very nice day and play like the little meeces we be! 😉  I’ll have to figure out something so that it looked I worked…. lol not like Nick is a slave driver, but if I lived every day to totally please me and have fun, well, that wouldn’t fly! 😉

Anyway, I’ll probably post again later–I have lunch with my dad today which I look forward to SO MUCH!  Time to go make Nick a sandwich, so ta ta for now!


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