Living vs Life

Do you all realize the difference between Living and Life?

Boy, I sure do.  Life is tied to death.  It is linear and really has no implication toward actually being alive.  Living is a totally different story all together!  Living is a continual process and generally speaking, an expansive one.

So how do you know if you are having a life or are living?  This is something I’ve been asking myself a lot lately.  I’ve managed to create almost everything on my to-do list, my “wish list.”  I have a great house, a wonderful fiancee, a pretty kickass dog, I’m healthy, have work which demands my attention, and am on the brink of getting my first book published.  I sort of always thought that all of these things would make me feel more alive in some way–like they would be proof that I’m living.  As in a “See?  Look at all this awesomeness.  Yeah, it’s rad, yeah, I’m actively creating my life, and hell yeah!  I feel super-duper ALIVE n’ shit!”  I guess I’m expecting a certain measure of exuberance?  To feel something more than what I’ve been feeling?  Someone told me that being alive and living are actually peaceful and peace-making states of being and to not confuse this with exuberant expression.  I guess they have a point. 

Still.  What do you all think here? 

And in other news, I got my first comment the other day!  I about crapped myself.  Someone was reading!  Holy cow!  Then I realized it was a spam comment.  Go here, click this link type BS.  Boo.  Well, I guess I need to see what I have to do to publicize this blog!  I’d really love to interact with other minds here, and not just my own. 😉


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