Post “Ballectomy”

Well hello again all you loyal readers! tehehe!  Someday….fingers crossed…..w/ positive thoughts….someday!

So, Ruxin made it through his neuter just fine.  He was jumping all over us when we picked him up and seemed as though nut-thing had happened. (Pun so very intended! ha!)  Now we are home, he’s in the dreaded cone of shame, and reality has set in.  Poor guy is over there to my right just whining softly to himself.  Perhaps he is lamenting the loss of his balls.  Perhaps he is in pain.  Or perhaps he is really, really mad about that cone of shame.  Either way, they sent us home with some pain meds for him and initially, based on his joyous greeting, he wouldn’t need ’em.  Now I’m not so sure!  Poor Bubba!

I’d also like to talk about some products which I’ve been L-O-V-I-N-G lately!photo(31)

Going clockwise from the right, that is coconut oil from Trader Joes.  I’ve only just been experimenting with it.  I’ve added it to stir-fry and rice.  Smells so. good. when you are cooking with it! Next, peeping out in the blue agave nectar (organic!) from Traders as well.  This is a super sugar substitute and I’ve been using it on my oatmeal.  Next, this is my coffee creamer, So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer and it doesn’t have any saturated fat like most coconut based products. Love!  Next up, this is decaf Fire Light Chai tea by Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.  Super nice in the afternoon and yes, pair it with that creamer and you’ve got a delectable vegan latte!  I guess I’m into tropical stuff lately, and am way digging those coconut chips from TJ’s.  A little sweet, crunchy, and coconut-y!  My dad brought me the almonds–they are called “Ass Kickin’ Ginger Almonds” by Fat Uncle Farms (yeah, that name cracks me up, too!) and they are great!  They get an additional kick from cayenne pepper, too.  He found them at the farmer’s market in Santa Barbara.  ‘Round the front that is some freshly ground almond butter from Wholefoods (my latest splurge!) and “just mango”–dried mango and I can eat a whole package in a sitting.

I’ll have a small handful of the ginger almonds, a little coconut, and some mango and that makes a great little afternoon snack.


A little Fire Light tea whilst I blog?  Don’t mind if I do!

Tomorrow I’ll do a little post about what I made for dinner–I just ate it and it was pretty yummy!  I’ll be sure to share pictures and the recipe if anyone out there decides to read this thang and make it! lol


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