R.I.P. Dog Nuts

So today is the day.  Yep.  Ruxin (the pup) is getting his nuts axed.  He is probably going through it right now.  😦  Poor guy!  I’m not too worried about him though.  I’m pretty sure the worst part about this, in his little dog-mind isn’t the nut-loss, it is that he will miss out on some meals–no breakfast OR lunch–owing to being in surgery.  I’ll bet he’ll be ravenous later and in a pretty grumpy mood.  Ha, well, so would I.  😉

I’m supposed to pick him up from the vet after 3:30 today and I’m sure he’ll probably need some tending to–at the very least, I’ll need to watch him and make sure he’s okay and not barfing his brains out, or running into things with his E-Collar.  Hahaha, he will have a “cone of shame”!  Poor guy!  I know my dog and I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that pup will want to chew the crap out of his stitches, and we can’t have that!  No licking either, and he is a lick-y baby, as we call him around here.  🙂

Anyway, I’ll need to hustle on my work here so that I can go get him at the appointed time.  I have to revise a proposal which I’m not super stoked on doing–it means a serious pay cut but the project is super cool.  Regardless, I hope it comes through.

I hate waking up to an alarm, but had to set one to get the pup to the vet on time.  I slept like crud last night and so did Nick, who migrated to the guest room at 3 a.m. So today, I’m just dragging!  My coffee felt like it did nothing.  Going for a run was like pulling teeth and it was SO HARD today!  My legs and body in general felt as though they were pitching a rebellion.  I almost quit at 1/2 mile.  But I stuck it out and got to 3.3 miles, and I *guess* I feel better for having ran today.  Usually going for a run makes me appreciate my body and I’m more careful about what I eat since I like to reward with the best, most healthy stuff I can, but today all I want to eat for the most part is garbage food.  It started yesterday where I felt like an empty pit and had two mini breakfasts instead of my usual small meal.  What’s up with that?  The good news is that I did want less food later in the day.  I guess being more in allowance of my body and when it is hungry has made me realize that I’m more seriously hungry in the morning.  I used to pretend I didn’t get hungry for breakfast, but I was at least aware enough to realize that was a lie and I was just trying to shut down my body and control the calories I ate.  Nasty game, really.  Anyway, I now honor my body and eat breakfast, which is typically either a small bowl of nature’s path cereal with almond milk or a piece of Ezekiel’s bread with almond butter on it.  Yum!  That is my latest “splurge”–nut butter and really great, healthful bread.  It makes my tummy happy, anyway!

…man, it sure is quite around here with no dog!  I’m not sure I like it so well.  Hm. 😛


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