The Next Steps

Monday Greetings!

I hope your Monday isn’t sucking too hard.  😛 

Also, hope you all had a great Father’s Day!  I know I did!  Nick and I left our poor cone-of-shame ridden pup home to convalesce in the bathroom and headed up to Santa Barbara for a little BBQ and fun times.  Got to see a bunch of family–always nice–and my dad certainly knows how to run a BBQ right.  I even got to see my brother!  A good time was had by all.

We did hid considerable traffic on the way home.  Boo.

On the agenda today?  Meetings, biz dev, pay taxes (boo), and walk the dog.  He finally can go for a walk and has healed up enough, that GOD.  He was getting a little stir crazy and has started to take his upset out on his cone.  Can’t say I blame him.  It IS clearly oppressing him. 😉

Yes, we did get layouts done!  I’m not sure what the next step here is….?  I guess upload it?  Man, I feel like an idiot just saying this, but for some reason I never felt that I’d actually make it to a level where I’d ever have anything to actually publish.  I’ll have to update once I have a proof in my hands.

Today is also Birthday Tree day!  Yay for that!  I’m sure I’ll post again later, but ttfn for now!


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