Ever Have Days Like These?

…you know, the days where you have over a million things to do and you just don’t want to do any of ’em?

Yep.  That’s me today.  I need to shake it off, but instead, am taking a reprieve, here! lol

To Do To-Day!

1.  Biz Dev (it’s never ending!)

2.  Proposal Writing

3.  Pay Bills (yay, only not so much!)

4.  House Miscellany (laundry, tidy, dishes, boo)

5.  Walk Dog (mostly good, when he’s not pulling.)

6.  Run (done, it was hard this morning, what gives!)

7.  Call Panasonic re:  broken TV, repairs, etc….(7 month old TV just breaks! Took ’em two weeks to send repair guy, only to find out the part needed is back ordered, won’t be here for another 4 weeks! So, Imma call them.  This isn’t right.)

8.  BLOG! lol call that one DONE! 😉

I did get birthday trees done last night.  I was up rather late, for me, but hopefully they’ll end up on the website in time.

What else.  Oh YEAH.  I’ve got a beef with Morning Star.  You see, I’ve been buying their supposedly VEGAN grillers patties–at least, they put “certified vegan” on the packaging.  Only it’s a damn dirty trick!  There’s lactic acid in ’em!  NOT VEGAN, right?  Some somewhat haughty lady at the store yesterday pointed that out to me when I said how much I liked them and that they were vegan.  She said, “Well, I don’t buy those.  I keep kosher, and they have a little dairy kosher sticker on them, which means that they must have dairy in them.”  I read the ingredients.  Man, I hate it when other people are right.  😉  What I want to know is, how can a company put vegan on something only to have it not actually be vegan?  Doesn’t that mean they would be just asking for a lawsuit?  I’m not going to go after them–but I am a little bit cheesed off and will probably write a nasty letter and send it to them.  Seriously, what if someone was very allergic to dairy and ate that crap?  Ha, well, I guess that explains why Nick has bad gas after he eats those patties….I just thought it was the added ruffiage.  Heh.

So, I guess I need to go…..waaah!  See y’all later!


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