New Devlopments!


The daily trees will be turned into a book!  Woot!!

AAAAAaaaand a set of cards!  As in “draw one a day for your message.”  🙂  Color me stoked!

I’ll keep you posted.

Also, there’s this!


Lookie who earned himself a new chewy!  Yep, he’s feelin’ fancy alright.  🙂

Side note–while he might like the new cone, I’m less a fan.  I can’t feel it when he goes to sniff my butt now. Heh.  Dogs.  Nick just lets him do it–funny, yes.  Me?  I just think its way too rude!  Stand down little dude.  No dog intervention needed here–and that means sniffing! Showering is NOT cause for sniffing.  End rant.  lol

On to the proposal–I’m finally clear on what I need to say and how to bid it, yay for that!  See ya later, I’m sure! Have yourself a merry little afternoon!


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