Post on the Fly

Have to hustle today!

Got my run in–though my throat felt like it was closing in, like there was pressure on the outside causing constriction on the windpipe and it made it hard to breathe!  I had to slow down half way through.  It was a bummer.  Have you ever had this happen?  I’m worried it might be asthma?  Or that I had a strange panic attack??  I briskly walked and sang, which took my mind off the concern of the closing throat and by the end of my work out, things had eased.  So strange though.

Today, I have much to do!  I’ll be culling through my birthday tree advice column and picking out my absolute favorites as well as sending out a new proposal, and new invoice (yay!).  I also have a 2:00 meeting.  Yep.  Exciting stuff!  I’m only being partly sarcastic.  😉  Haha oh yeah, and I need to look into healthcare.  Right now what we have is sufficient, but not super great.  I’ve been tasked with finding potentially better options, but it IS healthcare, so I’m not sure if there will be anything great out there!  Fingers crossed!

I’m also looking at vacation rentals in Mammoth.  I think it would be fun to celebrate Thanksgiving there–do some feasting, so skiing, some playing, and hanging out.  I’m thinking about that time my dad packed us up and did that one Thanksgiving and it was pretty awesome.  This year he is getting remarried and I’ll soon have more step siblings (who asked for boys?  I didn’t! lol just jokin’….kinda) and it might be a fun way to celebrate the holiday together. 

And YES it is Wednesday, but no lunch with the Papa today on account of the meeting at 2:00.  Lunch will be Friday and I’m thinking I’ll bring up this Thanksgiving in Mammoth idea.  🙂 

How about you guys–if you read this anyway–do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?  Nick’s is simple:  after the feast, watch some sort of a Christmas movie, typically the Christmas Lampoons one with Chevy Chase. 



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