Hi again, Lovies!

As always, thanks for reading!

I’m going to keep it short and simple tonight. 

I’ve been pretty productive today!  Go me!  I walked the dog, did my usual biz dev, sent invoices, started to pull my favorite trees, ran errands, cleaned up the house, and made this for dinner!


Yeah.  It was good, too.  Gotta love Angela from Oh She Glows.  This is her avocado pasta recipe.  The salad has my favorite quick and easy dressing–1/2 avocado, juice of 1 lemon, salt & pepper to taste.  Happy tummy!

Tomorrow I see my Papa for lunch, yay!  His fiancee is moving up this week–double yay!  And what’s more, her son will be renting their guest house/cottage.  I haven’t met him or his girlfriend, and I hoping I like them.  I’m thinking about making them some welcome cookies and getting an orchid or something.  That’d be nice, right?  I’m all for making a good first impression!  Nothing says “Welcome Son of Doo-Doo” (fiancee’s nickname, don’t ask! lol) like a passel of cookies!  🙂  If the recipe turns out, I’ll post tomorrow! 

Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow–FRIDAY!  Ha, which doesn’t really mean much when you own your own business, but it’s still a nice sentiment.  I could probably write a slew of those type, pithy, one sentence statements that start off with, “When you own your own business…” 

Example:  When you own your own business and have some modest success, Uncle Sam sticks his hands in your pockets four times a year and helps himself!


When you own your own business every day is a Monday.


When you own your own business you will “wear many hats”, and don’t be surprised if the one you enjoy most days is that of janitor. (lol)

Okay, I’m quasi bumming myself out!  Because these are sorta TRUE! Ah!  Well, I heard once that behind every joke there is a hint of the truth–and I actually find this to be true.  It’s filed under “sad but mostly true” in my brain.  What do you think?  Nick doesn’t agree, but he generally perpetrates the jokes that make me really wonder if there IS a hint of truth!  So naturally he’d dislike me pointing that out, right?  😉  Haha watch me turn into a crazy lady in 3, 2, 1!  Nick:  “joke! lol!”  Me:  “…..what do you mean by THAT?” Nick: “uh, that was funny! Didn’t you get it?  It was a joke! Lighten up!” Me: “Well, you know what I say about jokes at other peoples expense….” Nick: “….hmmm….way to kill the funny, Jess.  (sarcastic voice) real great. lol” Me:  “… did you mean anything by that?” Nick: O__o!

And he *supposedly* never does mean anything by it.  But I have my suspicions. 😉



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