It’s Gonna be a Quicky

….post that is!  Nick is waiting a movie on me so I need to post fast! lol

Happy summer everyone!  Today is the longest day and for us, felt honestly like summer has full on arrived.  The air was warm, heavy, like a delicious velvety blanket.  Things just slowed down today and we were able to take a break from the business.  The sun shone a little brighter and we were just a bit more calm. 

We started off the afternoon with a  stroll downtown, then headed to Ojai for dinner at The Farmer and the Cook.  Sooooooooouuuuuuuuuper good food, y’all.  Here’s some photos I just have to share!


So quaint!  Water DOES in fact taste better if you drink it from a cup with a bird on it!


The dog.  Bored.  See that plant behind him?  He kept trying to eat it.  Literally.  Rip at it. Made dinner a little less relaxing. What a puppy. 🙂


Menu.  I snapped this one fast–the server was looking at me funny.


We started with guacamole and homemade chips–sorry, not photo!  We snarfed that down as fast as possible.  This was our vegan pizza–hella good.  Pesto, veggies, cashew cream, what’s not to love?  The crust was light and crisp and the whole thing was vegan!  We also had some carrot cake for dessert, which we find out, wasn’t vegan!  Ooops!  Well, just let me yak that back up.  😉  Sometimes these things happen.  Wish the server would have told us though–we’d made a big deal, for us, to let her know we are vegan, so she must have known, right?  Glad we aren’t allergic.  Nick joked, “Well, that cake probably knocked 8 hours off my life.” Haha!


Lastly, we ended up with a nice walk downtown Ojai.  The air was just yummy and oh-so-summery!  We could have stayed out all night!  Here is the pup posed for the photo–no, he isn’t going to be a search and rescue dog.  🙂  He’s just going to be the normal, pet type.

Okay, I’m getting hollered at from the bedroom–guess the movie is queued up!

Tomorrow I’ll post about the cookies.  I did make them, they were awesome, wish I could send y’all some!  I’ll at list post the recipe and photos so you can make them for yourselves.  I recommend doing it.  These cookies definitely don’t suck.

I’ll also post about a few “heavy” topics–my dad, his wedding, his reaction to me finally sharing about my triumphs in getting published, and few other little things which I’ll leave for tomorrow.  Sleep well, happy solstice, and I hope you all had a marvelous & fantastic start to your summer!



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