Dog, Loot, & Dinner

God help me if I’m ever single again.  If something takes more than 15 minutes to prepare, I won’t take the time to make it if it’s just for me.  lol  Here’s my strange dinner that I’m eating as I blog.


Haha!  It’s actually very good.  It’s a Trader Joe’s Marsala patty (vegan) on a piece of Eziekel’s bread, topped with romain and hummus on the side.  I couldn’t commit totally to the hummus as I am a *HUGE* fan of ketchup!  I’m going to say that the hummus works better on this than ketchup, however, and I find this so strange–whatever.  Ketchup I’ll always love you!  Also note–dinner is on my to-do list for to-day.  Haha.

Basically I got everything done on my list, sans walk dog, clean office, and pull more of my favorite birthday trees, which I was planning on doing after dinner.  Took the Bubs with me to run errands, which is something I don’t usually do.


Haha!  Yawning!


That’s more like it.  What a good little buddy!

I got my make-up, then hit Bed Bath & Beyond, then stopped at Petco to get a spare leash and some new chewies for the Bubs.


Mama loot.  I’ll have to special order the larger coffee maker cone.  Boo.


Bubs loot.  He always knows when there’s something for him!


Oh, pig snout?  Sure!  The grossest thing in the multi-chewy pack and of course it’s the first one I give him! 🙂


“Lookie my grody chewy!!”

Up next, cleaning up the Roomba and changing out it’s brushes, sic-ing the Roomba on the office, then walking the dog, I think.  🙂 


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