Little This, Little That

I got to see the first proof of my book today!  Wow!

I’m still coming down from that excited/”oh crap!” feeling.  It’s definitely better than any roller coaster, that’s for sure!  There were a few small errors that I’m looking into, but it’s almost ready to go!  It’s amazing how much time and effort goes into something like this.  Sure, it’s a kids book, but man, it’s still a lot of work!  So much reviewing and checking and double checking!

In other news, on today’s agenda:

My offer to write a letter of reference has been accepted, so I’ll be working on coming up with something great.

I also have my usual volley of biz dev to contend with, as well as helping Nick with a number of little tasks such as sending out an NDA and lending an opinion on several projects we’ve got rolling around the office.

I’m still on the mend from a mild cold–it was just enough to make me super lethargic, a bit weak, and achy all over, with a side of sore throat and congestion.  While I have felt much worse with other colds, comparatively, (like death warmed over!) this one certainly put a crimp in my dog walking and running, and diminished my activity level.  Making dinner and granola zapped me last night.  Today I’m much improved, though functioning at about 70% power.  I may have it in me to walk the pooch later.  We will see how the day goes.  Sitting on my butt sending out emails isn’t all that physically demanding.  😉

I’m also fixin’ to make some vegan banana bread!  I had to cancel lunch with my dad yesterday on account of feeling pretty crummy and moved it to Friday.  As you all may know, if you make banana bread, it’s a good thing to share the wealth and make a loaf for a friend.  I’ve got some bananas that have gone past the point of where I’d like to eat them (by about 4 days! I like ’em greener, what can I say?) and are looking about right for banana bread.  So stay tuned as I’ll post my recipe in the next few days, with photos.  You’d NEVER KNOW that this recipe makes vegan banana bread, which is just how I like it.  🙂

Have a great afternoon!


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