Vegan Pizza + Salad


Well, how did you all get so lucky?  I’m going to share my vegan pizza recipe with you AND my favorite salad dressing recipe, too!  You are such lucky ducks.  🙂

However….(cue ominous music!) the pizza didn’t start out quite that happy or quite that yummy.



Here’s my first attempt at the pizza dough.  “What happened?” you all might be wondering.  Well, I got all “wise-guy, I’m gonna healthify this dough” and look at what happened.  Now sure, some of you out there who are better versed than I in the ways of alternative flours.  Yep.  I can hear you laughing  now.  Anyway, that nasty little mess you just saw was a combination of buckwheat and spelt flours, yeast, and water.  ….nice.


Here’s the right concoction.  Looky how pretty.  Not healthy, just standard ol’ white flour, but it works like a charm!  Every. Time.  And there’s something to be said for the tried and true and reliable.


This dough always works out for me and was so much nicer to work with than the ball of what I can only describe as clay “healthy” dough.

Basic Yum Pizza Dough (Non-Healthy, Vegan, Reliable)

1 Cup Lukewarm Water

1 Tbs White Sugar or Brown Sugar (Yeah, I’ve used brown sugar–works fine)

1 Packet Rapid Rise Yeast

2+ Cups White Flour

1 Tbs Olive Oil (optional)

Combine water and sugar, then shake yeast on top of water, let “proof”–about 7 minutes.  Combine flour and salt in a larger bowl.  (I say 2 cups + since the weather will dictate some of the sticky factor.  If you live in a more humid place, like I do, the dough, once combined, will be a bit too sticky and will not ball nicely.  Knead in a couple more tablespoons flour and this will do the trick.)  The yeast will become active, bubble, a foamy head will form, and this is when you know you can add it to your flour.  Add yeasty water to flour, olive oil (if so desired; I’ve made it both with and without, it’s honestly great either way) and mix until well combined.  Then turn out onto a clean surface and knead for about one minute.  I always feel so old world when I do this and wish deeply that I knew any Italian song to sing.  🙂

So, knead that dough, then place in a bowl, cover, and set in a nice, warm, spot to rise!  I’ve got a handy-dandy burner thingy on my stove especially for this purpose!  Once the dough has doubled in size or more, it is ready.

Let me tell ya, I’ve used this dough to make garlic knots and cinnamon rolls.  It is versatile and just delivers like a champ.


Stretch out dough, shape into whatever shape pizza you’d like.  Tonight was this squirkle shape owing to my larger sheets being covered with cooling granola.


Then load up!  I cheated and used Trader Joes pizza sauce.

….meanwhile, the evil clay dough, which I didn’t have the heart to throw out, was taunting me and rising like the a-hole it is.  But it did make me wonder if I should just bake it and see what happens!  Right now, it is upstairs, baking.  For all I know, my kitchen could have exploded “healthy” bread dough all over.

Whilst the pizza is baking, here is your SECOND recipe for the night!  It is my most favorite, super simple salad dressing.


1/2 Avocado

1/4 Cup Red Wine Vinegar

Salt & Pepper


Place the avocado in a bowl, add vinegar, salt & pepper.


Then, take a fork and mash up the avocado and mix it into the red wine vinegar until you have achieved the desired thickness to avo-hunk ratio.  Add your favorite salad, and toss to coat.


Here is the pizza, fresh from the oven.  Do note the “healthy” dough lurking the background.


Um, bake the pizza until it is done–about 15-20 minutes, at 425.  The bottom of the pizza will crisp and start to brown just a bit.  I’ve never had a problem with this dough sticking and the pizza usually, without much coaxing, slides right off the baking sheet and onto the cutting board.


His and Hers pizza.  🙂


Shove. In. Mouth. Repeat.

Now to go check on that “healthy” dough.  ….hmmm…..If it turns out, I’ll letcha know!

…my hopes aren’t high, however! lol


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