Happy Friday, Merry Weekend!

Happy Friday, everyone!

The first PHYSICAL proof of my book has been ordered!  WOOT!  I’m pretty darn excited!  It should be here in a few days.  Ahhh, I’m feeling pretty content.  I should sleep well tonight, I feel.

In other news, last night we took a little breather from work here and meandered down Main Street Ventura.  Guess what I discovered!  A new spice shop!


They had all kinds of oddities–onion infused sugar for starters!  Um, what does one DO with THAT?


They had walls FULL of great stuff!  Infused sugar, teas, rubs, sauces, great spice mixes, oh my!  I’ll have to go back soon, especially when I need something special…like curry. 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing the Los Angeles contingent of the family.  They’ll be coming up our way to do some wine tasting in Ojai!  Yay!  I’m looking forward to a nice, lazy afternoon with much laughter.  We will probably do dinner at the Farmer and Cook again.  That place was bomb.  I may make some type of goodies to bring wine tasting….I’m seriously thinking about it.  I found a great recipe (again from Angela from Oh She Glows) that has a base of oat and almond flours.  It made crispy, tasty, little cookies.  I’ve since modified the recipe to make it a little more cake cookie and less lace cookie.  Her recipe is great, but for some reason, I’m unable to duplicate the puffy, chewy looking cookies of heavenly goodness on her site!  I *think* I could be rushing the pulverizing time the almonds and oats need in the Cuisinart  Ha, my mom always says “Baking is a process and it takes time.  To do it right, you can’t rush.”  She is so right on this.

In other news, I’m finally feeling pretty much back to normal, except for this headache!  I blame the heat we’ve been having here.  Sure, it’s pretty mild compared to most places, but for us, it’s a bit much.  We are weak sauce when it comes to weather extremes I’m afraid.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to hop back on the treadmill.  Fingers crossed!

Tonight I made something unusual for dinner: Aloo Mattar.  I don’t know why, but when it gets hot, I crave spicy, hot food.  I suppose spicy food, by inducing sweating, helps cool the body?  There is also a theory in Eastern medicine to treat like with like, too.  So perhaps that’s part of it?  I do know that (and this may be TMI) when I have heart burn, if I eat spicy foods, it usually helps.  Strange but true.  Anyway, my house now smells pretty awesome.  Indian spices and flavors are amazing!  Spicy, sweet, and savory all at the same time!  It certainly isn’t food I was raised with–my family ate more along the lines of the traditional meat and potatoes line, with a side of veggies, so I enjoy the challange of cooking outside my “comfort zone”.  Being exposed to the new flavor combos is a perk, too!  The recipe turned out pretty good, earning a solid 9 out of 10.  I’ll post all about it tomorrow or Sunday, along with a recap of wine tasting, dinner, and fun times.  I’ve invited my dad and the rest of the Doo-Doo contingent…..hope they can join, too!

I’ll leave you with this–it isn’t a super great photo, but you can see some of Ventura here.  I’m just walking along Main Street, and oh, there’s the ocean.  No big. 😉


How did I get so lucky to live here??  Have a great Friday night everyone, go do something fun!  Like eat spicy foods and get your sweat on.  😉

Oh!  PS.  Remember that post about the pizza and “healthy dough” that just sucked a fat one?  Well, it sucked just as hard baked.  Utterly inedible.  The end.


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