Weekend Round Up + General Stuff

Ah!  So I got what I thought was a legit comment on here–turns out, it was spam!  Blast!  Drat! lol

I was so excited, too.  Ha!  Oh well! 

So, I hope you all had a fan-freaking-tastic weekend!  We certainly did!  We napped, hung out, went to a rad car show, watched movies, I made this:


Now, I can’t take any credit for this awesomeness.  It is again from Oh She Glows.  🙂  I was very stoked indeed to find that my cashew cream (first time making something like this, btw) came out SO. GOOD.  I changed up the beans, just a bit, and omitted the red pepper, added some of my favorite green salsa, and the juice from a whole lime.  Who’dah thunk that potatoes would make good nachos?  Next time, I’m thinking about adding some vegan bacon on top.  Maybe some olives!  I’m going to be craving this dinner again, really soon.

After the car show, Nick and I headed to Ojai for dinner at our regular new favorite place, Farmer & Cook, which was awesome, as usual.  They were out of their raw & vegan key lime pie however, and that harshed my mellow for sure!  I had my chompers all set for some!  Anyway, I’m now thinking that I’ll have to figure out some kind of a lime tart thing and pot up the recipe here! 

I’m also thinking about experimenting with grilling some stone fruit.  Sure, this idea is very “last season” and I’ve seen it done a million times.  I might have some new ideas to bring to the table here–adding fresh berries, and maybe making a vegan custard?  Adding homemade vegan ice cream?  You know, fashioning some sort of vegan fruit sundae thing.  I love layered, stacked, desserts.  I never know how to eat ’em however.  Do you tip them over?  Or try and slice through the whole stack?  What’s the polite way to handle this type of tall dessert?  My usual M.O. is stuff. in. face. lol  None of you do this, right? 😉

What else…..Oh!  I sent my latest and greatest off to my publisher!  I haven’t heard back yet.  Fingers crossed they like this new deal-y-do I’ve come up with….

My target for today is to make a few last changes and send off the new files for my first book so that I can get the ball rolling on the next proof.  I am SO READY to have this book done!  Available!  And ready to read by all! It isn’t even funny!

I also am writing Birthday Trees today, playing with some short stories (shorts and I call ’em) and poems for my compilation book, as well as my usual biz dev etc. for our primary business.   

Now, here’s some photos from the car show!

ImageMy boys!  Wandering and checking out the cars….it was overcast and a little chilly for July, but I’m not complaining!


Here’s my future car!  No, I’m totally joking.  This one was my favorite, though!  

Have a great Monday!! 


2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up + General Stuff

  1. Can I be your first comment?? That salad nacho-y thing looks delish! Also I might have to try your pancake muffin-y things! Hope things are good mini ho!

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