Yay Friday! Yay Weekend!

Happy Friday! 

Wow, what a week it’s been!  Crazy!

We’ve been working like dogs around here–like dogs I say!


Ha, I WISH we could just do this and have it be “working like a dog!”  Sure, nap on your foot?  I can do that!

Anyway, the post today is going to have to be quick on account I still have so much to get done!  So, remember that new book idea thingy I was talking about several posts ago?  Well, my publisher isn’t going to partner with me on bringing it to life.  At first, I was very, very bummed out.  Then, I realized something.  What is stopping ME from bringing it to life?  It is a good idea, or so I think! 

….So, I’ve hatched a plan!

As things firm up a bit, I’ll post updates and such here.  I’m pretty excited!  I leapt out of bed this morning, full of excitement over it!  Ha, well, fingers crossed it comes together as I’m hoping!

What else…Oh YEAH!  We are going to a friend’s wedding celebration today–and that is going to ROCK for SURE!  So, I need to hustle today on account that we will need to head out around 6.  Yes, we’ve been working until about 10, so I’m technically losing about 4 hours.  Oh well!  This will be worth it!  I’ll be posting a few pictures tomorrow, I think.  🙂  Aw, wuve. 

Anyway, I hope each and everyone one of you have a very excellent Friday and a bang up start to your weekend!


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