Been a Long Time, eh?

…Since I’ve posted an entry, that is!  What gives?  Well, I’ll TELL you what gives! lol Busy weekend, and a strange Monday, that’s what!


Let’s start at the beginning.  Friday we went to an AWESOME wedding celebration!  This is one of our multiple trips to the photo booth for silly fun times.  I personally feel that Nick’s face was MADE for taking photo booth photos like these!  Hehehe!

We got our dance on, hung out with good friends, and had waaaaay too much fun.  🙂  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  You know it’s a great wedding when you feel hung over the following day and you didn’t drink!

Saturday was great–relaxed, napped, and made these!!


Recipe Here!

Ha, yeah, when pressed for time, I hit up Oh She Glows blog and she’s never let me down.  More photos you ask?  Sure!





Unglazed and un-sugared in all their glory.

I made these to bring to my dad’s house for a BBQ.  Nick suggested I made them, actually.  The recipe suggests cinnamon sugar coating for the outside.  I thought they’d be good glazed, too.  So I made a taste tester.


After eating these I was still on the fence as to which was better, so I did half glazed, half cinnamon sugared.  Since these little guys are baked, I resorted to using my mini bunt pan in lieu of a doughnut pan.  I thought the effect might be strange–turns out, they looked like little crullers.  Everyone seemed to like the dessert at the BBQ–I’d personally give them about an 8.5 out of 10.  I’d like the dough to be a little more cake like and less pumpkin bread like.  The dough also should be sweeter, I think, and I’d add more spice.  But that’s just me.  People seemed to like ’em regardless.  Hopefully they didn’t taste too vegan!  I do worry sometimes that I might loose my “tastes like regular food” barometer.  Eh, like I said.  8.5 outta 10.

Sunday was nice, too.  Got caught up on house chores and stuff, went and took a gander at a couple of open houses, then hit the Old Creek Winery for a glass, then to the Farmer and the Cook.  I can’t wait for the pup to stop being such a pain in the ass when we take him places.  He absolutely loses his mind when we go out and simply can’t behave himself AT ALL.  Nick is pretty good about watching him when we go out because I am far less patient with the pup and I get stressed out by his antics.  For instance, why on Earth did he want to eat these strange little stinging pricker infused flowers?  At the winery all the wanted to do was act like he was relaxed, then LUNGE! at the pricker flowers all around where we were sitting.  I’m sure his little lips were full of stinging nettles from eating these, yet this was all he wanted.  …dumbass. lol

Things went smoothly yesterday and we actually got an 8 hour day!  We went in to SB again to check out the apple store, then had dinner at Sojourner.  I was hoping I would be amazingly inspired by the food and ordered a tofu, rice and veggie salad–and they sneaked cilantro into it!!  Gah!  I utterly hate cilantro.  It tastes.  SO. BAD.  I do wish I liked it–however, it is only #20 on my list of things I wish for, followed by wishing I liked raw tomatoes pulling rank at #19.

So, they took away this yuck salad and I got soup and normal salad instead.  Not thrilling but pretty good eats.  I guess I’ll have to find my inspiration elsewhere!

Today is going to be busy.  I have to send out a whole mess of stuff–contract, W-9, emails, a proposal….and I hoping to hear back about my book idea so that I can start putting that jam together!  Woot for that!  Okay, I’ve dilly-dallied long enough here talking about lots of nuthin’. lol  Have a great Tuesday and I’ll post a recipe here soon, I promise!


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