Vegan BBQ Chicken Salad

Hey y’all!

Here’s a recipe, as promised!  It’s vegan, it’s tasty, it’s easy, and very satisfying! 

All day today I’ve been tasting for salad.  There have only been a few bummers since going vegan–one of which is finding a great salad out.  Most everything has cheese, egg, and meat.  Yummy?  Yep.  Vegan friendly?  Nope.  Once you remove all the good stuff, you are left with lettuce.  And maybe tomato.  Total. Bummer.  Like my lunch today.  😦  A bummer with a perk of olives.

Ha, so, I made this in retaliation! 



1 Head Romain Lettuce

Frozen Corn, thawed – about 1/4 cup though if you like corn, you can add more!

Seasoned Black Beans (Red Onion, Garlic, Olive Oil, Cumin, Red Pepper Flake, 1/2 Lime, Splash of Veggie Stock and Salsa, Salt & Pepper to taste; directions to follow)

1 Bag Vegan Orange Chicken Tenders Trader Joes Brand

Vegan Ranch Dressing (Vegan Mayo, Apple Cider Vinegar, Onion & Garlic Powder, Dried Parsley, Lemon Juice, Salt & Pepper to taste)



BBQ Sauce


1.  Put chicken tenders on a baking sheet lined with tin foil.  Bake as directed.  You won’t be using the orange sauce, so set aside for another time if you’d like.

2.  Chop about 1/2 a red onion, 2 small cloves garlic, and saute with a TBS of olive oil until translucent.  Add 1 can of rinsed and drained black beans.  Add cumin (to taste, about 1/2-1 tsp) red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, lime juice, and a splash of veggie stock and salsa of your choice (I used Trader Joes green salsa).  Let simmer about 8 minutes until the liquid is almost gone and beans are soft.  Set aside and let cool.  Beans should be almost room temperature before you assemble salad so as to avoid making a melty, limp, wilty salad.

3.  Put all the ranch ingredients in a bowl and whisk.  I used roughly 5 TBS vegan mayo, 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, and onion, garlic, and parsley to taste.  I found I added quite a bit of the onion and garlic powders.  Once you achieve the desired taste, pop that bad boy in the fridge.  I was surprised that this tasted just like ranch since I’ve never made this before and just looked online to see how it was made.  Ratios here can be finessed depending on your taste, which is awesome!

4.  Wash, dry, and chop romain.  Put in a large bowl.  Set aside.  Wash and chop your tomato.  Prep your avocado.

5.  Pour your BBQ sauce, about 1/4 cup, in a bowl and add a TBS or two of veggie stock, to thin it.  Once tenders are done, add, toss to coat, and set aside to let cool. 

6.  Prep your vegan Texas toast or garlic toast.

7.  Add your vegan ranch dressing to romain, toss to coat.  Careful that you get the ratio right here–too much and you will have a soggy salad!

8.  Start assembling salad!!  Yay!

ImageHere’s my assembly line, primed and ready to go!


In my best rooster bowl, I layered the salad and corn…

ImageTopped it with my seasoned beans….

ImageLovingly arranged the BBQ chicken tenders….

ImageThen put some avocado and tomato all over it….


And served with some garlic bread!  (Yeah, sorry for the same image here as used before, but I was hustling on account I didn’t want my salad to get nasty!  Yes, I don’t like wilted salad, in case you haven’t noticed…)


Yeah….the perfect bite!

You can easily have extra dressing and BBQ on the side for those that like it saucy! This recipe made two large salads.

I find it is reminiscent of something I had at California Pizza Kitchen years ago.  Either way, it was yummy and good and I ate it as I typed this blog entry.  🙂

So, what do vegans eat when pressed for time?  Awesome stuff, that’s what!  Go make a good ol’ fashioned salad and have a great evening!


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