Monday….You Always Show Up TOO SOON!

Howdy again!  It’s me!  Being pretty bad about blogging!

I didn’t get to wish you all a happy Friday & happy weekend! 😦

Also, I haven’t really been making anyway super awesome to post about!  😦

…well, I lie.  I made a vegan chocolate cake yesterday.  It was tasty, but not fancy.  I made it in a hurry yesterday.  Normally I’ll take my time with a cake–you eat with your eyes first, ya know!  But yesterday, I was pressed for time, so I made my regular go-to chocolate cake w/ chocolate ganache, but kept it very simple, used a Pyrex dish, and treated the whole thing like brownies. 

I got fancy and added pecans and raisins, too.  Overall, the cake was well received, but the hurry in making it plus the hurry to eat it left me without much in the way of photo ops! Oh well, I’ll make it again soon, I’m sure!  🙂 

Man, we’ve been busy.  I’m going to say that it takes much more effort than I ever thought to create a successful business.  That being said, we did get an actual weekend!  Go us! 

Now, for the really fun update–I’m going to be launching a kickstarter campaign for one of my books!  I’ve been putting it all together over the past few days.  I need to complete my video, and polish up my cover image, but I’m mostly ready! 

Well, sorry for the non-food related post.  The house is sadly depleted of good food stuff, so I should hit the store today.  If not, I’ll be figuring out what to make for dinner from vegan mayo, pickles, potatoes, mustard, and apples. lol

Anyway, I hope you had a super fun weekend!  We saw friends, played with book stuff, hung out with amazing family, and I cleaned.  Yeah, that part wasn’t so great, but having a clean-ish house is nice!  🙂 


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