One of thooose days, I guess….


…..Where you are so busy you get cereal for dinner. 

Yesterday we were all over creation–down to Orange County, Oxnard, then home.  I think I spent over 5 hours in the car yesterday.  Today was catch up but still haven’t even had time to make a proper dinner or make Nick’s granola.  😦

It’s just been a bit rough lately with the design consultancy.  We are working out the kinks, however, and I think we are on the right path for better interaction with our clients.  It is such a learning process!  Last week was hard–and we were thinking about possibly scrapping the business and just getting joby-jobs as we were so. frustrated.  But, this week is a bit better, but busy.  Hence, the cereal dinner.

Yes, kickstarter project is still a-go.  The cover art needs work to look good in the kickstarter format of a 3:4 ratio.  Then comes the video.  I *think* I have some ideas on that.  Stay tuned!

And in other news, I powered down that cereal, ran the trash out, and came down to post before we head to SB.  We are going to pay our respects tonight to a dear dog, Billie.  He is Karen Doo-Doo’s dog, and he is a good guy, and we really love him.  Unfortunately, he is ailing and his prognosis isn’t looking great.  😦  One of those days…..cereal days. 

Anyway, I hope anyone who reads this is having a better day then we are over here.  I’ll leave you all with a funny photo of Ruxin I forgot I had!




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