Oh yeah, FRIDAY! Oh yeah, WEEKEND!

Happy Friday, everyone!!  I actually have time to post today!  Wow!  How did I get so lucky? 😉

So, new developments! 

1.  Warkak and Snozzle proof has been ordered!  Yay!  Not sure when it will arrive.  I’m much looking forward to seeing it though!  I’m still hopeful there are no errors and we can just say, “Yes, go warm up the presses and let’s do this thing!”  ….fingers crossed!

2.  We got some fun new software and will see if we can use it for my kickstarter campaign!  We may end up doing something super simple, once we realize how much time this all might take, but I’m excited regardless!  We will have to finesse the cover/tile image for kickstarter, too.  What we have isn’t playful enough.  So, hopefully we can do this, this weekend.

3.  I’ll be baking today!  Yay!  I’m making a carrot cake for a birthday party tomorrow.  Since it will have to travel for about an hour, I’m thinking I’m not going to get very fancy with it.  Carrot cake frosting can be so schmooply, too, and I don’t like putting buttercream frosting on carrot cake.  It’s just wrong.  Don’t know if y’all agree on that point.  I’ll probably just leave the cake as a sheet cake and transport it in the baking pan.  So, I’ve had a request that the cake be gluten free, which will be no problem.  I’ll also be making a vegan version.  Ha, so I guess this is going to be two cakes I make.  Oh well!  🙂

I think this is all.  For now.  I’ll post about the carrot cake and my recipe, probably tomorrow some time.  I love making a carrot cake–it is super simple.  Just dump all ingredients together, basically.  The only probably is peeling and grating all those carrots! 


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