Coconut Popcorn + Final Countdown!


Okay, has anyone else out there tried this or am a total popcorn GENIUS?  I used coconut oil for popping my popcorn today.  Let me tell you–it tastes AMAZING.  I was a bit worried that it would turn out burned and yucky and all caked onto the bottom of the pan, but nope!  It came out PERFECT. 

Oh, what’s that?  You haven’t ever made popcorn on the stove before?  It’s so simple!  First, let me talk a bit about microwave popcorn.  I used to be a microwave popcorn fanatic.  Then, I read some studies that talked about the how the fumes that happen when you open a just popped microwave popcorn bag are toxic, that the food is considered totally carcinogenic, contains GMO corn, yucky bad-for-you ingredients, and generally anything microwaved changes the chemical make-up of the food in bad ways….well, you can see why I gave up my love of microwave popcorn!  I encourage you to read up on all this stuff.  Knowledge is power my friends. 

So, in spite of all of this, I still love popcorn and crave it, pretty regularly, like I did this morning in fact.  Yes, this glorious popcorn you see featured in this photo is my breakfast!  Woot!  Okay, so here’s how you make it.

Yummy Coconut Popcorn


1.  Put 1/2 Tbs coconut oil in a fairly large pot, turn on heat to medium high.  Let coconut oil start getting hot and coat up the bottom of your pot.  The warming coconut oil always smells SO YUMMY!  Note: you can sub vegetable oil if you don’t have coconut oil on hand.  Double Note:  DO NOT use olive oil.  It has too low a smoke point!  😛 Yucky results will ensue if you do not heed this warning.

2.  Add 1/4 c. popping corn and coat up with the coconut oil. 

3.  Put the lid on the pot. 

4.  Stand by.  You will start to hear the kernels sizzlin’.  Give the pot a quick shake (leave lid on!) and put back on the heat.  Give the pot a little shake (tossing type action) every 20 second or so.  The kernels will start to pop, slowly at first.  Keep giving the little shake every so often.

5.  When the popping really starts, shake/toss every 5-10 seconds, then put back on the heat.  You want to encourage maximum popping and minimum popcorn scorching. 

6.  Once the popping starts to fall off, turn off heat, put popcorn on cool burner, leave lid on and let it finish popping, another 15 seconds.  

7.  Dump yummy popcorn into your bowl, add a little salt, and ENJOY! 

The popcorn has a very, very faint coconut taste–it’s pretty mild, and the popcorn turned out light, fluffy, and uber tasty!  Nick doesn’t like popcorn and he wanted some!  Haha!  Popcorn success!!  You can top this popcorn with a drizzle of rosemary olive oil, or a little cinnamon sugar, if ya wanna get fancy.  I’m going to try making vegan caramel corn sometime and post on here all about it.

In other news, TOMORROW.  Kickstarter.  It’s going to happen.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to reach out to my friends.  So far, my guerrilla self promotion has yielded nuthin’.  I got one response from the Ventura Star and I think they misunderstood what I’m after….anyway, it was bittersweet.  Yay!  I got a response!  Boo, they don’t think they can help me (raise capital for my business, um, hullo, not what I’m after!).  Well, how DOES it get better then that?  🙂

K, I’m off to go harass people for Knot Design, Glitterpony Press (kickstarter!), and look for a good vegan taco “meat” recipe.  If I’m a good girl, and get all my work done, we will head to Santa Barbara and see Son of Doo-Doo and Heather for tacos and more Catan. 

Have a great Tuesday!!


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