K, now that’s I’m done losing my -ish, here is the link!

PLEASE PLEASE please….go check it out.  I’m going to tell you all what I’ve been telling all my friends (because we are friends, right?  Yes, we are!).  I’m not asking my friends for money.  I’m just asking for awareness.  This is me, doing what I can to get the word out.  Please share that you have a friend on kickstarter.  Please help me get the word out because that is the only way these things are successful. 

Thank you!!! 

Now, a heads up for the few of you who read this–the next 29 days will be very kickstarter-centric.  Bear with me.  I will continue to post recipes and have on that I will post up later for vegan tacos!  (I need to go get more tortillas. ha.  What’s a taco without a tortilla?  Just plain sad, that’s what!  Like I will be if y’all don’t mosey on over to my kickstarter!) 


…off to go bug more people about this!  Yay!  🙂 


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