Totally Yummy Vegan Tacos + Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Avast ye mateys!  Ye be lookin’ fer some treasure?  …how about an easy, quick, and SATISFYING taco filling that is, oh yeah, VEGAN.



1 Can Drained and Rinsed Black Beans

1/2 Chopped Onion

1/2 Tbs Coconut Oil (my new favorite thing!)

3/4 Cup Veg Stock

4 Tbs Lentils (I used Red Split Lentils, I find it made for a meatier sort of texture and took less time to cook)

Salt & Pepper

Garlic Powder (to taste)

Cumin (to taste–less is more for me on this one)

Smoked Paprika (to taste-I didn’t measure, just shook some in, like 6 heft shakes)

Red Pepper Flakes (one or two shakes)

Oregano (to taste–I used roughly 1/2 tsp)

South African Smoke Seasonings (optional and again, to taste)

4-5 Tbs Salsa (or tomato sauce)



1.  Saute onion in coconut oil until translucent. 

2.  Add beans, veggie stock, salsa, lentils, and seasonings.  Stir.

3.  Cover and simmer over lower heat for about 1/2 hour, or until the liquid has been mostly absorbed.  Give it a little taste-er-roo about 15 minutes in and add extra seasonings if you need ’em.  If you find that your lentils have sopped up the liquid and aren’t quite done, just add more veggie stock, cover, and simmer.


I served with lettuce, tomato, and made some cashew cream, from scratch!


Want to know how to make it?  Soak raw cashews for a couple of hours.  Blend with water, lemon juice, salt and pepper until you achieve the desired consistency. 


Nomy-numers.  Here is me, going to town on it, cookie monster style!  (Me want it!)

I don’t know about you other vegans, but I miss good ol’ greasy, lard-laden Mexican food sometimes.  My stomach and backside don’t, however, so this recipe is great.  It quenches the cravings for Mexican food and is pretty darn healthy.  

Next order of business!  Kickstarter!  Thank you to my first five backers!  You guys rock so hard!  (Don’t know if you read this blog, but if ya do, thank you!)  I’ve got a ton of stuff to do today to promote Modern Pirate Quarterly, and I have my usual business development for Knot Design.  If you missed the link to my Kickstarter project, here it is again!

Go watch the video!  It’s funny!  …least, I think so.  🙂

Arrg!  Go speak like a pirate and smell like one, too!  Arrrrg!  And make tacos!



5 thoughts on “Totally Yummy Vegan Tacos + Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  1. Mmmm, tacos 🙂 Last year I had a Vegan Taco Day with some friends, and the facebook group that does Vegan Pizza Day. VegNews even wrote a little blurb about it, but sadly they didn’t mention my poor little blog. Haha. Wish I would’ve done it again this year.

    • Sounds like fun! I need to look up that group that does Vegan Pizza Day–that sounds awesome. Sorry your blog didn’t get mentioned! I love your blog–hope that counts for somethin’! 😉 Yes, I think we are going to institute taco Tuesdays around here! Tacos and games! Because we are nerds like that! lol

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