Szechuan Curry Recipe Review (yes!) + Recipe Failure (booo.)

Hi guys.  I’m experiencing recipe failure.  I’ll describe my issues and see if you wonderful vegan bloggers and bakers can help me out. 

Fudge.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  You know, the kind you used to get at Christmas?  With big hunks of walnuts?  Yes.  THAT kind.  I can safely blame my mom for my recent obsession.  She sent me a recipe (NOT VEGAN) this weekend for some awesome looking pumpkin fudge.  It has sweetened condensed milk AND marshmallow creme, and butter.  Okay, so I know what to replace for one of the three ingredients….the butter.  Ha.  But what to do about the other two?  I don’t want to use something synthetic and really do believe that I can create a healthy, vegan alternative for these ingredients if I just mess around for a while in my kitchen.

Um… far though…. I’ve failed.  😦  I still have hope, so no need to send a suicide watch. 😉

Here’s my thoughts.

1.  Use chia seeds, almond milk, and maple syrup to make the condensed milk.

2.  Use soaked and blended raw cashews to make the mallow creme.

3. This might need to be cooked.  Not sure.  I’d prefer something fab that you throw in a bowl, then boom!  Amaze-balls.

4.  Another different route I could see taking is using dates, walnuts, and maple syrup.  Then add the pumpkin.


Here’s what happened in my kitchen.  

1.  Chia seeds mixture isn’t enough on it’s own to thicken up and “set” the “fudge.”  I maxed out the chia, too, so no, it isn’t an issue of adding more.  Tried putting it in the fridge first–didn’t set.  Moved it to the freezer–and it froze.  Rock. Solid.  Er….fail! 

2.  The cashew idea tastes GREAT, and cooks fine, smells GREAT, but isn’t mallow-y and doesn’t want to “set” in the fridge, either.  Not sure if this is a full on fail….yet.  

If you have suggestions, let me know.  I’d love to hear ’em.  🙂

Okay, moving on.  Recipe review time!  Yay!  Oh, I so love sharing a success!  Okay, I made this:



Recipe Here:

From a blog called

This recipe gets points for:

1.  Easy, quick, healthy.

2.  Tastes great.

3.  Flexible based on your own tastes.



I added broccoli and tofu, and cut out much of the chili’s since the fiancee can’t handle the heat.  I also didn’t have bamboo shoots which was a bummer because I could see how they’d be super good in this dish.  Also, water chestnuts would be a great addition.



I also didn’t have portobello mushrooms and used what I had on hand–crimini.  Here the veggies get stir fried up!


Time for sauce!  It was a simple mix of tomato sauce, soy sauce, and rice vinegar.  The seasonings: ginger, basil, coriander, and paprika.  I loved the basmati rice with peas and cashews!  I also added corn.  Why?  Because it seemed like a good idea.  And it was.  Corn in rice is awesome.



Additional changes include using a TBS sesame oil to saute up the veggies, not water, like the recipe calls for.

Overall I’d give this recipe a solid 9.  

Okay, now I’m off to focus on Knot Design for a while.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we can come up with something for the fudge. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Szechuan Curry Recipe Review (yes!) + Recipe Failure (booo.)

  1. It appears molecular gastronomy is needed here!! I found this recipe for the mallow:, and if you click the link for Versawhip 600k (sounds delicious, eh?) you can buy it on Amazon. It’ll only set you back $45…but you get A LOT of it!
    I haven’t looked yet but I believe you can find a recipe for homemade vegan condensed milk online. So, this is a rather expensive and time-consuming route, but it sounds like fun.

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