Fudge & Fudge-y Musings + Some More Fudge Failure!



Lookie what my mom brought me yesterday!  Apparently she is totally fine aiding and abetting my vegan fudge quest.  So yesterday, I was all set to start veganizing regular fudge when I discovered I am missing a critical piece of the fudge making kit:  a candy thermometer.  How is it that the vegan cook has a meat thermometer and not a candy one?  Haha! There’s a Thursday throwback for you! 😉

Anyway, I hunted around and found this recipe:


And I adapted the recipe.  I made this:



This is almond butter vegan fudge.  I was pretty buoyed after making it because it was easy to make and tasted great (before it set….cue ominous music).  So I thought, “What would be better than a fudge off?!?  So I set about making this, only with peanut butter.  …..and with less sugar.  (Cue more ominous music.)

I used coconut oil instead of vegan butter; I used maple syrup instead of brown sugar; and I used less powdered sugar, too.  I can hear all of you who understand fudge collectively saying, “Oh no…bad idea! Tsk tsk.” And the lesson I learned is that even the best genius ideas can fall flat and yield suck-y fudge!  

It was a bit runnier than the almond butter fudge, but I though, “Eh, it just needs to set in the fridge.” ….heh.  I’m dumb.  

This morning I woke up very excited about my fudge off.  I pulled the fudge out of their containers and….



Peanut butter fail.  Tasted pretty good…..but not fudge!  Too melty and caramel-ish.  …And, well, slickery!  The top was firm, but it was still liquidy on the bottom.  Yes, the consistency was just gross.  It began to lose its shape a few minutes out of the fridge.  I’m certainly not eating any more of that!  Plagh!  In the rubbish bin it went.

Now, for the almond butter fudge.



I can’t help myself but make the photos look okay.  Do not let appearances fool you!  This fudge was WAY too sweet for me.  Overall, I’d give this recipe a just barely passing grade of 6 out of 10.  I’m glad I didn’t make that much of it and cut the recipe in quarters.  I’ll see what Nick thinks about this stuff later.  If any of you want the recipe I used for this, let me know….maybe some chopped almonds would make a difference in cutting the overall sweet factor here.  

I’m going to procure a candy thermometer today so that I can bust into that vegan rice mallow cream!  

Guys.  Have you checked out my kickstarter yet?  If not, please do.  I’m beginning to get worried about it.  I’d love some feedback, if you have any.  Did I not do a good enough job explaining my idea?  Is there something I overlooked?  I’d love to hear from you.  🙂

Oh!  And yes, I DID sample those vegan marshmallows.  Want to know what I think?


These are very, very, good.  I’ll probably eat them all before I figure out what I can do with them.

Have a happy Thursday!  ….I cannot believe it is OCTOBER.  Where has this year gone?? 


One thought on “Fudge & Fudge-y Musings + Some More Fudge Failure!

  1. Drat! I was so hoping to see success from the get go. If you want more marshmellow fluff, let me know. I am going to Santa Barbara next Thursday and I am happy to drop off more! …… and YES! I am totally fine aiding and abetting your vegan fudge quest. Any fun candy experimentation is fun and exciting …. even if it is Vegan!

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