Merry Friday! Happy Weekend!

Well I’m not going to leave you all hangin’!  Cheers to you guys having a great Friday night and weekend to follow!  Sorry my well wishes are a bit late today.  But I had something very, very strange happen today.  

It all happened when I went to Santa Barbara to see my dad for lunch.  Post lunch, hugs, and good-bye, I naturally went to my car.  You know, to drive home!  Only, I got in my car, put the key in the ignition and….yes.  No dice.  Engine didn’t lurch or even try to turn over, but the lights and bing-bongy noises came on.  I thought, “Oh, dead battery.”  I then call Nick, just to be sure (’cause I’m a girl like that; gender stereotype, yep, and whatever), then hustled over to my dad’s work to see if he could give me a jump.  

For some reason, I knew I needed to hurry, though I didn’t know his plans.  I caught him right as he was pulling out of his parking lot.  I flagged him down, quickly explained the situation, and he came to my aid, because my dad is awesome like that.  🙂  

After pushing my car out of its spot (in the heat today!  Cool, crisp, fall…where are you…?) gave it a jump, and waaah-laaah, she started right up!  We both figured it was the battery because I had in the last 5 years or so replaced the alternator and starter but couldn’t, for the life of me, remember when I had gotten a new battery.  So, I hugged my dad again, said bye and thanks, then headed home.

En route home, I met Nick at Sears so they could check my battery.  

….the battery was fine.  Plenty of juice.

….the car started right up after being turned off.

…the car started right up again just a second ago, (after chillin’ in the garage for over an hour) which is what I did while waiting for my computer to boot up.

Um……now, I know what you are thinking.  Car troubles that go away on their own, come back on their own.  Well, we will see about this one.  I’ll post if something more happens on this front.

Anyway, I’m now wondering if I or my dad weren’t meant to be some where at a certain time, you know?  Okay, here is another story to illustrate the point I’m making with my story.

When I was about 10, my mom had a brand new (literally like 3 months old) Explorer.  She and I were going to run errands.  We get in her NEW car, and it WON’T start.  We try again a half hour later–it STARTS.  And it never had this problem again.

Get ready for it….we later find out that there was a robbery at gun point at the bank Mom was thinking about going to.  We honestly could have been there for it.  Yeah, I’m hearing twilight music in my head, too.  

So….perhaps it is another case of random acts of unseen things keeping us safe?  

Food for thought I suppose.  And thinking of food, I’m tempted to make a pumpkin and cashew creme lasagna tonight.


Oh, and fudge update.  Nick likes that fudge I made.  I asked him if it was too sweet.  He said, “Eh, not really.” Apparently he likes it, kinda.  I still think the rating of a 6 is what it deserves.  I’ll bet that after a week, I’ll still have about half of the quarter batch I made in my fridge.  

Anyway, peace out and have a wonderful, fun (and safe!) Friday!! 


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