About Me!

Welcome to my blog!  I wasn’t sure what to dub it, so I went with my pen name.  There is a story behind the name, which I might discuss later.  For now, I’ll be using this blog to share updates about my writing, road to publishing, promoting my book(s) and in general, any other sorts of musings, thoughts, recipes, or fun stuff I might think up.  I’d like to say that the purpose of this blog is to assist me in creating fulfillment, an increased general level of satisfaction, and more fun on a daily basis!  What’s not to like in that?!? 🙂  (Yes, I use emoticons.  If you hate that sort of thing, well, ignore them or bugger off. lol)

Honestly, I do hope you are entertained and enjoy!

If not, leave, RIGHT. NOW. lol.  Totally kidding on that.  Genuinely, thank you very much for stopping by and for reading.  I appreciate it.

A wise man once said, “If I’m able to change one person’s life for the better, I’ll consider that a success.”  🙂  Sounds good to me!



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